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Björn Encke and Heiko Werning of Frogs & Friends are named "Cultural and Creative Pilots" by the Federal Government of Germany for the project Citizen Conservation

Awarded: Citizen Conservation as Cultural and Creative Pilot Project

An award we happily accept: Björn Encke and Heiko Werning are named „Cultural and Creative Pilots 2019“ for their Citizen Conservation project. The award ceremony is being held on November 12 in Berlin following a welcome reception at the German Federal Chancellery. Concurrently, all awarded projects present themselves on November 12 and 13 at the Forum for Cultural and Creative Industries, also attended by Federal Minister of Economy, Peter Altmaier, and by Minister of State for Culture and Media, Monika Grütters.

A civil society initiative against species extinction

The massive decline of species marks a turning point in international conservation strategy. Captive breeding will play a pivotal role in saving species from extinction in order to maintain options for the future. Massive capacity building efforts will be necessary to meet the demand.

Citizen Conservation’s answer to the extinction of species is a coordinated breeding program as a joint effort of zoos and private enthusiasts, aiming to significantly raise capacities. Citizen Conservation is carried by Frogs & Friends, the German Association of Zoological Gardens (Verband der Zoologsichen Gärten, VdZ) and the German Society for Herpetology and Herpetoculture (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Herpetologie und Terrarienkunde, DGHT).

New Pathways

„Cultural and Creative Pilots Germany display commitment, creativity and expertise in defining new pathways regarding their concepts and their entrepreneurial behavior, and create additional value that goes far beyond economical success“, says the „u-institut“ for entrepreneurial thinking and conduct, which plans and organizes the awards. They are promoted by the initiative for culture and creative industries, supported by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy and by the federal Ministry of State for Culture and Media.

A network’s wealth of experience

96 finalists, picked from over 800 applicants have presented themselves to a 100-person-jury for half-day interviews during the past weeks. The 32 awarded honorees are endowed with an individually tailored mentoring-program to support their endeavor for a year to come. They also profit from the experience of a vast network of experts from the cultural and creative industry and from the nationwide attention generated by an award coming from the federal government.

Impressions: "Cultural and Creative Pilots"