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The basic principle of Citizen Conservation: Say what you’ll do, and do what you say.

Houston, we have a problem!

The benefit of captive breeding (ex situ) is increasingly being questioned in public debate. In the face of the global extinction of species, this is a disturbing development. Apparently, the arguments in favor of captive breeding are not communicated clearly enough. We need an effective campaign – one that convinces, encourages, and motivates. We want to focus on appreciation of the animal keepers’ commitment and the clear evidence that their work is essential to species protection.

Without society’s support, we will have no relevance, no funding, no success.

Citizen Conservation is a sustainable campaign for captive breeding

The goal is to create a broad societal consensus that research and captive breeding is indispensable in the fight against species extinction. The facts are on our side, but we can only reach our goal if we do what we say – and say what we’ll do.

Political Council

Scientific insights are communicated to decision makers.


Continuous data collection, evaluation and publication of the lessons learned build trust in the population.


Educational resources and media storytelling generate enthusiasm and commitment to the research and care of wild animals.


Testimonials from citizen participants demonstrate that each individual can make a difference in the fight against extinction.

Policy paper on amphibian imports
A general ban on the import of live amphibians has been repeatedly demanded in light of the continuing spread of dangerous diseases. Citizen Conservation has issued a statement against a general ban on imports, as we believe that this would worsen the situation both in terms of animal welfare and the protection of species. We have outlined our arguments in detail in a joint policy paper (German language only until further notice) from Frogs & Friends, the Association of Zoological Gardens (VdZ) and the German Society for Herpetology and Herpetoculture (DGHT).

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