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Our main performers – You’ll find information on all species currently represented in Citizen Conservation here.

Like every pet owner, every species has its own story to tell. On one hand, of course, how it even came to be part of Citizen Conservation, and on the other hand, what it needs in order to be successfully bred and to reproduce. If a certain species inspires you to consider getting active in Citizen Conservation, you can download the appropriate breeding recommendations for more detailed information at the end of each article.


Vietnamese Crocodile Newt

A common species turns out to actually be several species. One of those only populates a few rainforest fragments. And that's where coal dredgers are moving in.

Mallorcan Midwife Toad

A fossil, resurrected from the dead. A spectacular story from the brink of extinction and the dedicated fight against it.

Lemur Leaf Frog

Like a ghost: The Lemur Leaf Frog walks slowly through the branches of the rainforest. Although his spindly appearance is normal, the frog is not doing well – its species is about to go extinct.

Lake Pátzcuaro Salamander

A salamander that never actually turns into a salamander, but remains an eternal baby. A lake that is being transformed from a nursery to a garbage disposal site. And a monastery that makes cough syrup from salamanders – and saves them. The incredible story of the Lake Pátzcuaro Salamander.

Demonic Poison Frog

In the lost world: a small frog lives on a mesa in Venezuela - a true rarity among the other brightly colored poison dart frogs, with no close relatives. Gold mining could destroy it soon.

Bony-headed Toad

The Bony-headed Toad lives in undisturbed southeast Asian rainforests. But these are getting scarcer.

Almanzor Fire Salamander

The fire salamander is common in Europe. But not all salamanders are the same. Some species only live within a tiny area, one of them being the Almanzor Fire Salamander. If a disease is introduced, the salamander will be threatened with extinction in no time.

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