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Species conservation for Listening – Creature Podcast season 3

February 10, 2022In News


Our Creatures Podcast enters season 3

Well-known individuals from all ranges of civil society lend their voices to a great cause: furthering the preservation of endangered species through conservation breeding in zoos and private keeping. The prominent artists, journalists and sportspeople read short, entertaining texts about “rare and very rare animals” that could not have survived or would not survive without conservation breeding in human care. Or that actually did not survive, as is the case of the aurochs.

The German über-cow

Its history is just one example of the tragedy behind many strange animal names. This giant bovine made today’s civilization possible in the first place, as the cow is descended from it. Gaius Julius Caesar fibbed wildly about the aurochs, drinking vessels were made from its horns as status symbols, and chief Nazi Goering personally hallucinated about a Germanic Disneyland with German uber-cattle, for the creation of which thousands of people were murdered for real.

Stories between tragedy and comedy

The incredible aurochs story is just one of the crazy stories In the 3rd season of our Creature Podcast. Beavers make themselves comfortable among the freaks in hip Berlin districts, the true background of the famous Rhinocerus by Albrecht Dürer is revealed, the genre of fish reviews is brought to life using the example of the European sturgeon, and arachnophobes meet their nemesis in the form of the Deserta tarantula, the largest spider in Europe – which is brought to them in a kind of applied confrontation therapy by psychiatrist and writer Jakob Hein.

Famous voices for unknown animals

Stefan Wilkening will open the series on February 10. The actor has already lent his voice to “Rudi, the Racing Pig”, and now he will be presenting the Visayan warty pig, which has just been named “Zoo Animal of the Year 2022”. You can listen to the podcasts wherever they are available: on Citizen Conservation’s YouTube channel, on Spotify and Podigee – and of course here on the CC website.

At the same time, the stories will be published as a book by Galiani Berlin. For now, podcasts and book are only available in German language.