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Joy, Fulfillment, Hope - great reasons to do something meaningful

The extinction of species is one of the most obvious symptoms of the threatening developments taking place on our planet. The good news is, anyone can make a meaningful contribution towards stopping the impending catastrophe. Citizen Conservation unites people who want to make a difference. With its conservation breeding programs, Citizen Conservation raises awareness, motivates people to get involved, builds up knowledge, and saves species from extinction.

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Saving Frogs and Salamanders from imported plagues

Not just humans are fighting pandemics. Citizen Conservation called together a team of experts that are now formulating recommendations for prophylactic actions against plagues and epidemics.

Biannual Figures 2020

Citizen Conservation – Biannual figures

Voices for Species Diversity

Artists and sportspeople present rare and very rare animals in Citizen Conservation's Creature Podcast

Keep Them Safe – Intermediate Status 2019

Citizen Conservation - taking stock after year number one

First national award for Citizen Conservation

Björn Encke and Heiko Werning of Frogs & Friends are named "Cultural and Creative Pilots" by the Federal Government of Germany for the project Citizen Conservation


The effort to save endangered species has many faces. Here we introduce a few of them—all participants in Citizen Conservation. Their motivations, their stories, their project. 

Idea & Goals

The fight against species extinction is a job for society as a whole. Time is running out. Anyone can participate and make a significant contribution.

In the Face of Fungi

In his spare time, the veterinarian Tobias Eisenberg breeds endangered tree frogs from Latin America.

Lake Pátzcuaro Salamander

A salamander that never actually turns into a salamander, but remains an eternal baby. A lake that is being transformed from a nursery to a garbage disposal site. And a monastery that makes cough syrup from salamanders – and saves them. The incredible story of the Lake Pátzcuaro Salamander.