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The extinction of species is one of the most obvious symptoms of the threatening developments taking place on our planet. The good news is, anyone can make a meaningful contribution towards stopping the impending catastrophe. Citizen Conservation unites people who want to make a difference. With its conservation breeding programs, Citizen Conservation raises awareness, motivates people to get involved, builds up knowledge, and saves species from extinction.

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Anderson’s Salamander

It lives in only one lake of less than a quarter of the area of Hamburg's Außenalster. Water pollution is making it increasingly uninhabitable. Its only chance: asylum in aquariums.

Feed the fish – and the frogs!

Discounted food for terrarium and aquarium animals with Citizen Conservation

Golden poison frog

One of the most poisonous animals in the world, optimally protected from enemies – and yet its survival is severely threatened. But there is hope: in the terrarium this little frog is harmless and easy to breed.

Oriental fire-bellied toad

A toad as a popular animal for aquaterrariums. But importing them from the Far East carries the risk of introducing pathogens. The demand for the pet trade could be well covered by breeding – to the advantage of amphibians and humans.

Bestiarium at Schwerin Zoo

Citizen Conservation's Creatures Podcast as a cultural exhibition at Schwerin Zoo

1st Semi-Annual Report 2022 – Animal Inventory

Citizen Conservation – current Developments 1/2022

Madagascan rainbowfish

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world and home to unique wildlife that lives only here. This also applies to the lesser-known freshwater fauna. This one little fish there has three big threats against it. But it also has strong allies - the aquarists.

2nd Semi-Annual Report 2021 – Animal Inventory

Citizen Conservation – current Developments

Mangarahara Cichlid

The Mangarahara cichlid was considered the "rarest fish in the world" and was all but extinct. A worldwide call for help, international cooperation and a last-minute rescue operation prevented the worst.