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The extinction of species is one of the most visible symptoms of the threatening development on earth. The positive news is that everyone can make a tangible contribution to stopping the disaster. Citizen Conservation brings together people who want to do something.As a coordinated conservation breeding program, Citizen Conservation turns citizens into conservationists, guides, inspires, creates knowledge and saves species from extinction.

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Biannual report 1 / 2024 – Consolidation

Almost all of the new species added to CC in 2023 have now arrived in the participants' aquariums and terrariums. While some of the long-established species are reproducing…

Lesser rock skipper

In order to communicate despite its extremely noisy habitat, the Lesser rock skipper uses sign language.

Feuersalamander.NET – Network for native salamanders

On the initiative of Citizen Conservation, representatives from nature and species conservation, wildlife husbandry and research are coming together to bundle ex-situ and in-situ…

The picture shows the Citizen Conservation advisory boards at the 2024 advisory board meeting.

Berlin Kreuzberg nights … and the days! CC Advisory Board Meeting 2024

A weekend for species conservation: the advisory and supervisory boards of Citizen Conservation met in Berlin to exchange ideas and discuss strategy.

Nosy Be Cichlid

This fish almost died already, because its habitat on Madagascar has been largely destroyed. Fortunately, it also occurs in a small, tropical island paradise off the coast.…

Halbjahresbilanz 2023 20 Half-year report 2023

Citizen Conservation: 2nd half-year report 2023

New CC species, the first CC reptile and for some species we are approaching our target numbers – the second half-year report 2023 as at 1 September is here.

Artenschutz im Aquarium

Species conservation in aquariums

The keeping and breeding of fish in aquariums has a long tradition in Germany, with species conservation becoming increasingly important.

Golden Poison frog

One of the most poisonous animals in the world, optimally protected from enemies – and yet its survival is severely threatened. But there is hope: in the terrarium this little…

Rio Pescado Stubfoot Toad

It was already considered extinct once. But just as Lazarus rose from the dead, this little toad suddenly reappeared 15 years after its disappearance. Now it's up to us to…

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