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Become a part of species conservation. Your donation will help us develop the Citizen Conservation breeding program.

Competently breeding and caring for animals is a big responsibility – and a necessary one. Citizen Conservation (CC) is a network of private and professional breeders. The program was created by zoo employees, scientists, and private enthusiasts that are all convinced it is high time to join forces and tackle the challenge of species extinction. By supporting these people, you will help Citizen Conservation take off.

There's one thing each and every one of us can do

This is as easy as it is hard to face. We need to admit to ourselves that it has become impossible for us to preserve great numbers of animal species in the wild. We live in the Anthropocene Epoch and we humans are everywhere. “The wild” has ceased to exist, however much we wish for the contrary. In order to sustainably work against the mass extinction of species, we need to engage in conservational breeding and further expand Citizen Conservation. Fighting extinction together.

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Become a CC Sponsor for 40 Euros a year

Establishing coordinated conservational breeding for threatened species is a key concern of Citizen Conservation. With our partner Frogs & Friends, we have therefore initiated sponsorships through which you can directly engage in the support of our work against species extinction.

As a special Thank You for each yearly sponsorship, we will deliver you a high-quality, illustration or photo print in a picture mount, each numbered and in limited edition.

And it’s as simple as this: send an email to including your address and your preferred motif and transfer your donation to:

Citizen Conservation
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank
Stichwort “Patenschaft” + Your Name
IBAN: DE09 4306 0967 1173 1722 01

You may also use PayPal.

As soon as the money is registered, we will send out your picture gift.

Thank You for Sponsorship – 18 motifs to choose from!

Thank You for Sponsorship - 12 motifs to choose from!

Frogs & Friends Collection

There will be new motifs on a regular basis – you can start your own collection. Of course you may also sign up for more than one sponsorship.

Sponsorship duration

We will not renew sponsorships, so you don’t need to cancel. You decide if you want to support us for more than a year, for example by setting up a standing bank order. In any case, before your term ends, we will send you a reminder asking you if you would like to continue.

Our financing

Citizen Conservation’s basic sources of financing are our three leading partners: the Association of Zoological Gardens (VdZ)Frogs & Friends e.V. and the German Society for Herpetology and Herpetoculture (DGHT). For the further development of the program, we rely on donations.

Most of our finances are spent on:

  • Staff and material costs to ensure the breeding of adequate animal populations
  • Coordinating and establishing breeding programs
  • Publicizing our projects to incorporate more species and breeders into our program in the future

Help us Start a Movement

Thousands of species are on the verge of extinction. Zoos cannot save them all on their own. That’s why Citizen Conservation wants to start a movement everyone can become a part of! Experienced breeders can support programs for highly endangered and rare species, while newcomers can breed less demanding species.
They all send a message to the world about the threat to biodiversity, with the best ambassadors possible: themselves! Every donation helps us…

  • Build stable populations of endangered species in captivity
  • Respond quickly in acute crisis situations, such as the outbreak of a deadly disease
  • Take away the business foundation of illegal wildlife trade
  • Promote the cause of endangered species

We appreciate every donation, as they all help us continue to develop our projects. Of course, we are happy to issue receipts for your tax-deductible contributions.

Our mission

Species extinction is threatening the systems we rely on for our survival as well. Citizen Conservation combines scientific know-how with civil commitment. Together, we can master this challenge.