Semi-annual reports

Biannual report 1 / 2024 – Consolidation

Almost all of the new species added to CC in 2023 have now arrived in the participants' aquariums and terrariums. While some of the long-established species are reproducing magnificently.

Halbjahresbilanz 2023 Half-year report 2023

Citizen Conservation: 2nd half-year report 2023

New CC species, the first CC reptile and for some species we are approaching our target numbers – the second half-year report 2023 as at 1 September is here.

Half-year report 1 2023

Biannual report 1 / 2023 – Our animal numbers

May 22nd is the International Day of Biodiversity - and for Citizen Conservation the occasion to present the balance of our contribution to its preservation.

Half-year report 2 2022

Biannual report 2 / 2022 – our animal numbers

When Citizen Conservation was launched in 2018, the project sponsors Frogs & Friends, VdZ and DGHT decided to run a five-year pilot phase.

Halbjahresbilanz 1 2022

Semi-annual report 1 / 2022 – the animal stock report is here

Citizen Conservation is nearing the end of its five-year pilot phase. During this time, we wanted to “show that it works”.

2nd half-year report 2021

Biannual report 2 / 2021 – status update

The growth continues: Citizen Conservation was able to expand its animal population again in the period of April to October 2021.

Half-year report 1 2021

Biannual report 1 / 2021 – status update

A second six months under the Corona crisis – a species conservation program is suffering from lockdowns, too.

Half-year report 2 2020

Biannual report 2 / 2020 – status update

Looking back at 2020, you can see: This is working! Not only did some animals already reach sexual maturity, but they’ve even had offspring.

Halbjahresbilanz 1 2020

Biannual report 1 / 2020 – status update

A year and a half ago, we started developing our conservation breeding program using amphibians as an example. This included everything that belongs in a pilot phase:

Half-year report 2 2019

Biannual report 2 / 2019 – status update

Citizen Conservation - taking stock after year number one At the reference date of November 1st 2019, 136 amphibians are in care of participating zoos, school vivaria and private terrarium owners.