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On the initiative of Citizen Conservation, representatives from nature and species conservation, wildlife husbandry and research are coming together to bundle ex-situ and in-situ measures across…

The picture shows the Citizen Conservation advisory boards at the 2024 advisory board meeting.

Berlin Kreuzberg nights … and the days! CC Advisory Board Meeting 2024

A weekend for species conservation: the advisory and supervisory boards of Citizen Conservation met in Berlin to exchange ideas and discuss strategy.

Artenschutz Aquarium

Species conservation in aquariums

The keeping and breeding of fish in aquariums has a long tradition in Germany, with species conservation becoming increasingly important.

Wie baut man eine Arche für Feuersalamander

Building an arch for the fire salamander

You may have noticed that the fire salamander in Germany is not only struggling with changes to its habitat. A fungus is threatening it, too.

Together for species conservation – first CC meeting in Berlin

Together for species conservation – first CC plenary convention in Berlin

From Jan. 19-21, 2023, 35 high-level professionals met at Citizen Conservation's invitation to debate the expansion of our conservation breeding program. New to the meeting: reptiles.

Knowledge Book of the Year

Awarded: “Knowledge Book of the Year”

Published in 2022 by Galiani Berlin, our book has won the prestigious literary award.

Fish feed

Feed the fish – and the frogs!

Citizen Conservation breeders can now order their animal feed via SIX FEET TO EAT at discounted rates.

Bestiarium at Schwerin Zoo

Bestiarium at Schwerin Zoo

Our Creatures Podcast as a cultural exhibition at Schwerin Zoo Our book „Von Okapi, Scharnierschildkröte und Schnilch – ein prekäres Bestiarium“ as exhibition at Schwerin Zoo.

Creature Podcast

Species conservation for Listening – Creature Podcast season 3

Creature Podcast enters Season 3: Well-known individuals from all ranges of civil society lend their voices to a great cause

Fire salamander movie

Death in the forest – our fire salamander documentary

A tragedy is also happening in our native hardwood forests. An introduced fungal disease is killing all fire salamanders that cross its path. Our fire salamander movie about the fungal disease