Pfarrer Ole Dorst Krötenschützer

A pastor as toad conservationist

Ole Dost - a Protestand pastor and biologist - became a toad conservationist on a bike tour in Mallorca: in the course of saving a critically endangered toad.

Für Kröten im Einsatz in Vietnam - Anna Rauhaus

On a mission for toads – Anna Rauhaus

Anna Rauhaus is a caretaker in the Cologne Zoo’s aquarium. Colleagues around the world value her knowledge and expertise in amphibian care.

Ein Mann und eine Frau stehen vor einem Aquarium. (Schönbrunn)

From Pátzcuaro to Schönbrunn

Thanks to Doris Preininger's and Thomas Wampula's efforts, the special Pátzcuaro salamanders have found a welcoming new home in Vienna's Zoo.

Saving a unique specimen Demonic Poison Frog

Saving a rare specimen

Karl-Heinz Jungfer is a biology teacher. In his free time, he researches frogs. He wants to save a poisonous frog from the aftermath of the Venezuelan gold rush.

Facing the Fungi Tobias

Faced with Fungi

In his spare time, the veterinarian Tobias Eisenberg breeds endangered tree frogs from Latin America.

Systematic salamander rescue fire salamander

Systematic salamander rescue

Uwe Seidel und Philip Gerhardt have a combined 50 years of experience in breeding fire salamanders. For almost a decade, they've shared the same hobby.