Fish feed
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Feed the fish – and the frogs!

September 14, 2022In News

Discounted food for terrarium and aquarium animals

Our network is growing all the time. Over 100 private keepers, zoos, school vivariums and aquariums are already taking part in Citizen Conservation. Through their commitment, they all help to establish conservation breeds for endangered species and save them from extinction. They not only sacrifice time and space, but also bear the costs of keeping and breeding our amphibians and fish. . “Six feet to eat”, a live food breeding company from Schnürpflingen, Baden-Württemberg in Germany, is now helping them with this.

Fish feed
In cooperation with SIX FEET TO EAT

Nutritious insects for humans and animals

“Six feet to eat”, a brand of “fauna topics – Zoobedarf, Zucht- und Handels-GmbH”, has been breeding insects in Schnürpflingen since 2018, which are not only approved as feed for animals, but also as food for human consumption. In addition to live food such as crickets, grasshoppers, fruit flies, cockroaches, springtails & Co., rodents as well as fish and frozen food and food plants are also offered. Those who join Citizen Conservation will be able to order their food there at significantly reduced rates in the future – even for their own private livestock!

Feeding for species conservation

All CC participants who order items through the company will receive a discount. In addition, there is no minimum order value. This ensures full bellies for the fosterlings at all times.

School zoos that participate in Citizen Conservation even receive an additional discount to support their important work. We are especially pleased that 5% of the turnover of all orders received through Citizen Conservation is donated to our species conservation programme. So our keepers support us twice every time they feed!